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The amount and variety of existing and new data generated in the world today are unprecedented. As this growth continues, so do the opportunities for organizations to capture value from their data. We equip you with unique strategies and tools to unearth meaningful insights from data and turn those into competitive advantages. Analytics consulting services from us will enable you to make sense of website data – enhancing user experiences and focusing your efforts on the most productive activities.

Digital Analytics Audit

Overtime your business has accumulated data, but has it been used purposefully to grow the company? Analyzing your data will help you determine whether or not you can get effective outcomes for your business. With our analytics audit you can find out if your data is reliable or actionable, and receive training for your team on how to use your data to make positive impacts to your business.

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Analytics Measurement Plan

So that you only measure what matters – we help brainstorm the KPIs that are important at each stage of your buyer journey and create an implementation and measurement plan. This also includes training, reporting, dashboards and analysis framework.

Analytics Implementation

Need help setting up analytics on your web or app property? Or need a review of analytics setup done by your internal team? We can help you ensure that your analytics setup is correct and complies with your measurement plan so that your marketing team gets the data that they need.

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Conversion Optimization

Similar to reduced leads, if your users are not being converted into customers then you slow down your revenue growth. Using conversion optimization will allow you to increase your customer base. We guide your marketing team on what techniques to incorporate to boost your conversion rate. This will not only help you achieve your revenue goals, but it will also help you surpass your competitors’ growth.

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Sales Analytics & Process Improvements

Without predictive marketing decisions, your business wastes both marketing time and costs. Examining the sales analytics helps you determine what improvements need to be made to your strategic plan. We coach your marketing team to make data-driven decisions based on current sales and trends, allowing your business to continuously grow through process improvements.

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6 Mobile Marketing Tips To Drive Successful Results

6 Mobile Marketing Tips To Drive Successful Results

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Analytics Training

Are you looking for proven web analytics training to unlock the profits lying hidden in your website?

We offer a variety of analytics training formats including in-person, group sessions, customized training classes and hourly support to help you get most out of your marketing dollars.

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