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Are you tracking your ROI and Performance Metrics correctly?Bad data leads to incorrect or instinct-driven marketing decisions. You don’t want to use the data, if you can’t trust it. Ensure the integrity, specificity, and accuracy of your website performance data with a Google Analytics Audit. A Google Analytics audit is one of the best ways to ensure that you can trust your data.

Analytico team brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Kawartha Credit Union analytics project. They very quickly got to grips with the technical setup for our site, gave clear instructions to our developers and conducted robust testing to ensure everything was in order. We have been very pleased with the work these guys have done."

The future of marketing is analytics-driven

In our Google Analytics Audit, we take a holistic look at your analytics strategy, planning, implementation, reporting and analysis framework so that your marketing team is confident about making decisions based on data. Few of the areas we look at during audit are –

  • Do you have a defined measurement plan in place and does it correspond to business goals and marketing goals?
  • Is your account access level secure? Do you have a plan B in case the data is flawed?
  • Is your tracking setup correctly? Are you measuring the relevant interactions beyond the standard analytics implementation? Are you tracking all the domains and/or subdomains?
  • Are you filtering out irrelevant data? Are you filters set up correctly so that you don’t filter out traffic that is relevant to your business decision making? Are you excluding self-referrals?
  • Is your content grouping setup or set-up correctly? Does your funnel structure correctly correspond to the actual paths?

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