Success Story

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We helped Your Doctors Online drive more app downloads, engagement and online doctor consultations with analytics-driven digital strategy

About Your Doctors Online

Your Doctors Online is a Saas platform providing healthcare to women through monthly subscription. YDO provides healthcare services through their mobile app to eliminate the barriers that stop people from accessing these services.

It helps the user connect with professional doctors through online chat. 


Your Doctors Online provides quality and affordable healthcare services through their mobile app with access to accredited healthcare professionals. They specialize in women’s health and focus on assisting new grads, pregnant women and new moms with their health issues. Here are some of the challenges they faced.

  • Drive traffic amidst online space dominance by webMD, healthline and other giants
  • Increase subscriptions and retention from existing and new subscribers


Our Solution

1. Buyer Personas

We started by creating buyer personas to better understand the target audience the company is catering to.

2. Inbound Methodology

Using the inbound marketing approach to educate prospects on various healthcare related topics. This proved useful in creating brand awareness and building trust with the audience.

3. Data-driven Approach

Taking a data driven approach by setting up Analytics to monitor the performance of the website and app.

4. Online Ads

Running paid ads to promote app download. Setting up remarketing campaigns to encourage customers to keep using the app beyond free trial.

5. Search Engine Optimization

Using SEO methods to improve website ranking and driving more traffic to the website.


With our expertise and a data driven approach, we were able to drive growth and positive results for YDO. Here is what we achieved.

  • Grew website traffic from target personas by 200% in 1 year
  • Grew revenue by more than 3 times in a period of less than 1 year
  • Grew retention rate by 20% in less than 6 months


Revenue Growth


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Retention

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