Success Story

Global seller of household medical devices

Baby Doppler increases its profitability and expands into North American and European market through Analytico’s analytics driven digital marketing


Baby Doppler is a US based e-commerce company selling medical devices to pregnant women and midwives.


Baby Doppler is a leading brand for consumer products catering to a niche market. Their products are carefully designed to incorporate the needs of new or expecting mothers and babies. As a business targeting a niche market they faced the following challenges.

  • Build brand awareness and empathy with midwives and pregnant women
  • Grow e-commerce conversion rate and profitability

Our Solution

  • Using inbound marketing approach to create educational content that can increase website traffic and create brand awareness
  • Implementing A/B testing to improve user experience and reducing cart abandonment.
  • Running Pay Per Clicks and Shopping Campaigns to boost sales.
  • Incorporating SEO techniques to improve website visibility and drive more traffic through non-paid efforts.
  • Created a Measurement model plan to help organize goals and objectives, set up KPIs, planning tactics to achieve those goals.


  • Revenue growth of 25% within one year
  • Increased traffic by 50% within one year
  • Reduced CPA By 70% within first 2 months (from $20 to $6)

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