Frequently asked questions

What does Analytico do?

Analytico specializes in helping businesses maximize revenue and profit using digital marketing and marketing automation. Our approach is different because most digital companies are generalists and they use tactic based approach. We are strategists first and use online marketing tactics to achieve your business goals.

How can you help me?
We specialize in optimising your marketing, and sales processes in order to maximise profit and growth. The result of our intervention is more quality sales leads and ideal clients from the web at a lower cost than you’re currently spending. The strategies we deploy are cost-effective, integrated and rapidly scalable.
How are you different?
There are many digital marketing agencies and consultants. Here’s a short analysis as to what makes our approach to marketing unique:

  • We promise you measurable results: If we can’t deliver what we promised, we give you your money back.
  • No black hat tactics: Full transparency in our approach. In fact, we take your input in all the work we do.
  • Bi-weekly meetings: We don’t work in silos. We work as an extension of your department and are always available.
  • Revenue not rankings: We focus on driving revenue and profit for your business, not just arbitrary benchmarks like search engine rankings, click through rates or bounce rates that may or may not correlate with improved business results.
  • We optimise your entire marketing process: With a strategic focus, we optimise your entire customer lifecycle – from opt-ins to landing pages to customer nurturing sequences – not just one isolated part.
  • We do the work: Many consultants “advise and run”. We actually strategize and deploy your new client marketing systems and make sure they work.
  • We’re cost-effective: Our services will make you many times what they cost if we’re a fit (and we don’t work with clients with whom we’re unlikely to be a fit).
  • We have a record of proven results: We’re happy to share case studies and references that demonstrate a record of success in many different industries.
What kind of clients do you work with?
We tend to work with established businesses that are at least 2 years old, have already achieved some level of traction and are looking for more, and are already investing or willing to invest in online marketing activities. We don’t convince why online marketing is important. If you need convincing on why online marketing is important, we advise you to check out our free workshops or some other workshops on marketing trends in your locality.
Where are your clients based?
Our clients come from all around Ontario with a majority of them from Greater Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo areas. We deal with clients via phone, Skype, email as well as face-to-face meetings.
What’s your philosophy when it comes to online marketing?
Online marketing is about generating strong lead and sales generation results while building your brand and offering more satisfying user experiences.

We won’t waste your budget on marketing initiatives that get no results. Everything we do is designed to generate the maximum return in the minimum possible time.

How much do your services cost?
It depends on the scope of work required to achieve results for you. To give you a perspective, hiring us is equivalent to hiring one full-time person in your organization without the overhead. Our management cost can vary from $2500 to $8000 plus HST.
Your solution costs $X. I know someone who can do it for half $X.
Digital marketing and marketing consulting is a highly diverse industry with varying levels of service and price.

The solutions we provide are highly sophisticated and highly customized. Most online sales processes are severely sub-optimal. We work hard to ensure that yours isn’t one of them. If you are a fit for our services, you’ll find us extremely cost-effective and we have the results to prove it.

If you can find a more effective solution at a better price, we encourage you to try it.

Will your marketing methods interfere with what I’m currently doing?
Our methods will only complement or improve on what you’re already doing. If something is working well for you, we’ll look to optimize it even further, not interfere. if you are doing direct marketing and it is giving good results, we will try to further optimize it with online channels to get even more out of it.

If your online lead generation efforts are marginal or even costing you money we can help turn the situation around.

Do you tend to work with existing businesses or startups?
We have a strong bias toward working with existing businesses, as opposed to startups. Occasionally we do work with well-funded startups to help them get traction rapidly.
Do you have salespeople who can do my selling for me?
No, we don’t provide that service, although our marketing system does generate qualified sales leads who are usually much easier for your sales team to convert into customers. The end result of “more sales” is the same.
Do you prepare online marketing plans?
We work with you to formulate a specific online marketing strategy and plan aligned with your goals and put it into action immediately.
Do you design new websites?
We don’t develop website in-house but we can do project management on your behalf. We work with local developers for website development projects. When we project manage your website, we make sure following elements are the top-most priority:

  • Effective conversion strategy
  • Attractive, response-oriented design
  • Compelling sales copy
  • Sophisticated marketing automation
  • Website traffic generation

The combination of these five elements is the reason why your new website will be extremely profitable.

We also work extensively with many clients who already have a website and want to make it more profitable.

I don’t have the budget to engage your consulting services. What options do I have?
You can start by subscribing to our free newsletter, and by reading our Blog. Our newsletter provides actionable strategies and tactics to bring results. However, you would need to customize those strategizes as per your business goals. You can also sign-up for our paid training programs.